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Annabella Devine

bella-devine.jpgMy husband and I have always noticed that our two year old daughter, Bella, had and uneven waddle to her step so we decided to bring her in to see Dr. Dannielle. After her first adjustment, she was running faster and following through with even steps. She had an incredible increase in her stability.

Bella was breech and had quite a lop-sided head for a while! Her facial features were uneven but as she grew, it evened out some but not completely. I thought that was just how it had to be. On one of her visits, both Dr. Dannielle and Dr. Ron adjusted Bella’s cranium. It was AMAZING. Bella absolutely loved it and almost immediately after they finished, the bone structure of her face started to change. Her eyes seemed to be more settled and her forehead took on a completely even shape!

Dr. Dannielle explained that because Bella was breech, she had been restricted in my uterus. There just wasn’t enough room for her so she had pressure on her hips and head that created distortions in those areas while she was developing. I wish I’d know about chiropractic during my pregnancy. Bella might not have been breech and she might not have had these issues. I’ll definitely get adjusted throughout my next pregnancy.

Rachel K.

 rachel-pic.jpg I first went to Radiant Life Chiropractic because I had begun to notice that my hips were misaligned.  During that first session, my intense skepticism about the “weird” tuning motions Dr. Ron was making around my head and joints turned slowly into wonder as I found myself crying quietly for no apparent emotional reason – something visceral and deeply stored in my very tissues was being released.

By the next morning the pain had subsided and my hips were straight and aligned.  I became a convert.   In the past 14 months since I started to see Drs. Ron and Dannielle, regular sessions at Radiant Life Chiropractic have transformed both how I hold my body physically and how I live in my body metaphysically. 

Since the very first, Drs. Ron and Dannielle have held a powerful, nurturing and loving space in which I feel safe and free enough to truly listen to my body and to become aware of and release a lifetime of unconscious convictions, beliefs and emotions.   The safety they create is key. These emotions are huge, and the deeply-held negative or fearful beliefs I am finally recognizing and addressing have, until recently, been integral to my reality and self-image. Through my work with Drs. Ron and Dannielle, I am slowly “waking up” and letting go of these patterns, stored for so long in my body. I walk straighter. I have grown half an inch. My eyes are clearer. And I am getting better and better at listening to my body and giving it what it needs to stay healthy.   

I have always been very controlled emotionally, and this body work has allowed me an avenue to bypass that mental control and get right down to the pieces of held-onto pain that I had not been able to recognize and address before. I had been in psychotherapy for a few years before finding Radiant Life Chiropractic, and had always felt like there was a deeply visceral piece missing. I am an expert at being in my head, and all that talk therapy – while elucidating and definitely helpful at quieting all of the fearful mental banter in my mind – seemed not to go deep enough. 

Radiant Life Chiropractic has provided the missing piece of healing work I was needing; it has allowed me to take huge leaps of emotional and spiritual growth. This body work has led to an acceleration of my psychological healing; I feel I have found the perfect combination of mental and physical support as I grow into the fullest, most vibrant and expressed version of myself.   

It is hard to explain the degree to which Drs. Ron and Dannielle can “see” so clearly with their hands, or the seemingly “magical” or miraculous ways that they lead me through the release of a physical pain. They are listening on a whole other plane of perception, and are pretty much 100% accurate in knowing exactly what is hurting, what needs to be released, and how to help me through it.   This is challenging work, and they have been outstanding guides and cheerleaders throughout my healing process. I am continually awed by the work we are doing together, continually appreciative. Thank you Radiant Life Chiropractic!

Marta Maria Marraccini, MA


martamariasmall.jpgI first met Dr. Ron and Dr. Dannielle about two years ago at my friends CD release party in Berkeley. We were all celebrating with good food, good people and, of course, dancing. Dancing for me is an integral part of my life. However, that particular evening I was having difficulty.

My lower back was locked up. Although I was in a celebratory mood, I was a little bummed because I couldn’t move my body freely. I was restricted in my motion and I was experiencing pressure and a little bit of pain in my lower back. As the evening was drawing to a close and I was leaving, Dr. Ron and Dr. Dannielle approached me. Dr. Ron noticed by my movement that my body was in need of support. He said he was a chiropractor and asked if he could take a quick look. My first thought was, “Oh, no! Not another healer.”

Living in the Bay Area, we are inundated with so many modalities and practitioners. As a person who has practiced health and consciousness for over 18 years now, I have had my fare share of experiences with homeopathy, acupuncture, energy healing, chiropractic care and the list goes on. But Dr. Ron did ask and my back was hurting, so I said, “Sure, take a look.”

He spent about two minutes on me. He asked me to do a few deep breaths into specific places. He touched a few points on my back and then all of a sudden, voila! I could feel movement happening and then the opening of my lower back, or rather the unlocking. It opened with great ease. No harsh adjustment needed. I went from limited motion to full rotation and full mobility in my lower back.

Well, like I said, I have been around the block with personal growth and healing modalities. Being a healing practitioner myself and having experience with energy movement, I was a bit stunned. Too bad I didn’t meet him at the beginning of the evening. It would have been a much different evening dancing.

Still shocked, I reported my disbelief to Dr. Ron and Dr. Dannielle. I immediately asked them for their business card knowing that I had found a master health practitioner who knew what he was doing. I find myself, with great confidence, sending as many people as I possibly can to their service. We all need the attention and health success that Dr. Ron and Dr. Dannielle can provide.

Now, I attend Radiant Life Chiropractic with regularity knowing I am in good hands and find that the work is going to unimaginable depths of healing. Thanks Dr. Ron and Radiant Life Chiropractic for your service and dedication to health the human experience.

Tammy George



A few months ago my roommate graduated from Chiropractic College and moved to Southern California. I was on the hunt for a new chiropractor.  He assured me that I would soar under the care of Drs. Ron and Dannielle Mutch.  Two months ago, I came to Radiant Life Chiropractic to check these guys out.   

I first received chiropractic care for what I thought were the “normal” aches and pains that most of us suffer.  Several years ago I had surgery on one of my elbows due to a repetitive stress injury.  That injury, and the surgery that followed, affected my neck and shoulders in a substantial way. 

After just a few gentle adjustments, my body began transforming at an amazing pace.  It was rapid, yet gentle and honoring to my body. I have absolutely no doubt that had I known about and used chiropractic care years ago, I never would have required that surgery on my elbow. 

Dr. Ron has helped me access a new level of consciousness in my health. Nearly 10 years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression, and spent much of that time taking antidepressants.  The physical injuries coupled with the effect of medications transformed my body into an armor-plated silhouette.   It has been nearly a year since I have taken any form of prescription or over the counter medication.  Although I experienced a severe detox period shortly after I quit the antidepressants, to my surprise, my body had held onto a great deal of the chemicals. 

In the short time that I have been seeing Drs. Ron and Dannielle, I have released staggering amounts of chemicals.  Releasing all of that garbage has allowed my body a greater response to the structural adjustments, making them more effective and even easier and gentler than before. The armor plating is dropping off. My energy is way up.  My hips, which have bothered me since a car accident 20 years ago, feel like totally different hips after just one adjustment from Dr. Dannielle. And they have been adjusted numerous times by others before!

I am developing an amazing level of clarity, a communion between my body and me. Drs. Ron and Dannielle provide a comfortable and serene environment where you are invited to safely discover the requirements you and your body did not even know were there. 

Rosalie T. Torres, Ph.D.

torres-photo.jpgMy good friend and esthetician, Shelley Rosenfeld, referred me to Radiant Life Chiropractic. Like in all cases when I am inspired to take action and actually do so, I was “ready” for a change in my health and well-being for the better.

After starting care with Dr Dannielle, the first change I was able to make was to get off of a daily decongestant that I was taking.  With Dr Dannielle’s guidance I gave myself permission to just be gentle with myself and feel how I felt as I went through this process.  It wasn’t an instant “feel-good,” but it worked!

With regular attention to my sinuses during our visits, I have had only one sinus infection in the last two years.  This is amazing because I have been plagued with sinus infections for the last 15 years!

When Dr Dannielle was on maternity leave, I came under the care of Dr Ron.  Now I see either of them on at least a weekly basis – a process I am committed to, precisely because this regular care keeps me healthy through being in tune with myself.

Drs Dannielle and Ron’s gifted chiropractic has really shown me that being healthy is an inside job.  It has provided me a venue for being in touch with my internal processes – some of which I am not always aware of on a conscious level. When I am more aware of my own process, I can more actively engage in moving with it.

Through their care, I am more accessible to myself; I am able to stay “on track” and in motion; and recover more quickly from frequent business trips that my job requires.

In years past, I’ve had chiropractic care in different places I have lived. Not until now, have I benefited so much or seen – not the promise, but the reality – of what accessing my body’s own healing power truly means.

Robert van de Walle

smilingbob3.jpg My first experience with BGI was to relieve a low back spasm so severe I was immobile and in tears. A few light touches later and the doctor finished. “That’s it!?” I thought. “How in the world is that any sort of treatment?”

Little did I know that my body had already become a convert, as the pain eased and flexibility returned.

My mind took a little longer to catch up with the idea that such a gentle method can yield such profound results.

I find this is the great beautiful secret of working with Drs. Ron and Dannielle: we’ve accessed an intelligence beyond my mind and beliefs, so that chiropractic care is no longer about mitigating pain, but is about helping me fulfill my destiny and to become the person I am created to be.

In this safe environment and their secure method, I’m at ease and you might hear me crying or moaning as I am coaxed into a fuller experience of my life.

I am often challenged to understand the mechanism by which we achieve the amazing results we do. But I notice, when an adjustment exceeds mere relief from injury and stretches into the healing of places that are wounded from years gone by, or the release of blockages preventing me from being fully alive.


My body is more adaptable, my mind more flexible and my capacity strengthened, due to the collaboration between me and Radiant Life Chiropractic. I am relaxing into being me.

It is truly “Wellness Care.”

Nika Quirk, MBA

closenika2.jpg  Migraines and a tendency to twist out of alignment are what brought me to chiropractic care originally. I was used to “light touch” chiropractic methods when I met Dr Dannielle and was grateful to find that her skill and gifts supported me to deepen my awareness and ability to live in a fully embodied way.

Over the years, I have gained understanding and even wisdom about my choices in my environment and my body, and have found that through breath and my own physical readjustments, I can prevent and lessen these pain-causing occurrences.

Continuing to work with Dr. Dannielle reminds me of what I know and brings me new insights about how to healthfully live in my body as an integrated being – mind, spirit, and physical presence.

Cat Brewer

Cat Brewer  I began experiencing symptoms related to TMJ four years ago; but in September 2007, the pain became increasingly worse. 

I attempted to heal through traditional Western medicine practices, but to no avail – muscle relaxants, mouth guards, pain medication, soft food and eventually even liquid diets did nothing to improve my physical state, or my mental for that matter.

I then tried an Eastern approach and took herbs and went to acupuncture twice a week for four months, in conjunction with weekly massages and yet, nothing helped.

One evening the pain in the left side of my face became so severe, I could barely open my mouth; it hurt to talk let alone smile.  I endured a sleepless pain-filled night and could barely function the next day because the pain was so great.

I’d heard before that chiropractic care could help, but the thought of someone adjusting the bones in my face kinda freaked me out a bit.  My neighbor told me to call Dr Dannielle and Dr Ron.

Although I was nervous and apprehensive, I couldn’t tolerate the pain any longer.  I called Radiant Life Chiropractic and met with Dr. Ron that evening.  Little did I know that consultation and first adjustment would be the beginning of a process that has changed my life and in such a short time. 

Since receiving adjustments, not only does my jaw feel better, I have noticed (and so has my husband!) that I am generally more calm, at peace, and more introspective and aware of my being.  I am beginning to learn patience, healing, forgiveness, tolerance, and self-love. 

This is the first time I have felt that my body knows what it needs to heal itself instead of just trying to fix or mask the ‘problem’ with other remedies or quick fixes.

I feel so fortunate to know and experience that chiropractic care in conjunction with being self-aware, acknowledging, respecting and honoring your life events can truly be a life-altering experience.

I hope by sharing my story, others will explore chiropractic care and reap the benefits of a better physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and “Radiant” life.

Erin Auses

erin  I was referred to Drs. Ron and Dannielle by my previous chiropractor who was moving his practice out-of-state. Just a few weeks after meeting them, I was in a car accident which caused whiplash in my neck and painful tingling in my fingers and toes.

My MD prescribed muscle relaxants and physical therapy. The drugs made me feel like a zombie and only masked the pain. The PT created more pain because my muscles were still in spasm and not ready to be “strengthened” yet. 

Dr. Ron worked with me for about six weeks to get everything connected again, with no medication and no painful physical therapy. I was feeling better than ever, but continued to see Dr. Ron on a weekly basis to mitigate stress related to my fast-approaching wedding.  A few weeks after the wedding I discover that I was pregnant!  And a whole new slew of changes began in my body and my life.  Chiropractic has been absolutely vital to me staying healthy, connected and balanced through all of the nausea, emotional ups-and-downs, weight-gain, center-of-gravity changes, ligament-stretching and joint discomfort that pregnancy has to offer.  I walk away from every session feeling more and more physically confident, relaxed, tuned-in to my body and my baby, ready and eager to give birth!

I am proof that Chiropractic is a natural, noninvasive, cost-effective, and infinitely beneficial way for anyone to deal with the physical and emotional challenges presented by injury, stress and –especially– pregnancy.

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